6 thoughts on “Ugly and Deceitful

  1. Typically, I wouldn’t bother reading Glenn Greenwald due to past experience of his half truths and assumptions that his wishes are reality. This one proves my opinion once again. Krugman’s response was based on the unusually high number of vitriolic, personal attacks he received after writing his views on the Sanders economic “plan” released two hours before the second debate. Krugman is, after all, an economist. How this translates HRC into the “Wall Street-enriched, multiple-war-advocating, despot-embracing Hillary Clinton” is pure irony when Greenwald claims that three posts from random feeds proves his “so-called ‘Bernie Bro’s narrative’, and how it’s an ugly and deceitful campaign tactic masquerading as both journalism and social activism.” Steve Carlson, what it proves is that Glenn Greenwald is a polished expert at ugly and deceitful smear tactics masquerading as both journalism and social activism.
    It is especially rich that the Hillary campaign made up the misogyny in this dialogue. As the old phrase goes, it would be laughable if it weren’t so sickening and insulting. Unfortunately, misogyny is alive and well everywhere. His claim that because women support Bernie proves it is non-existent is ridiculous. As if the only criteria for supporting a candidate is gender, or that women can’t make reasoned decisions beyond his paranoid views. The only person calling this a creation of Hillary’s campaign is Greenwald. Bernie’s campaign has asked his supporters to please be respectful when people disagree with you. I agree fully, but I’m still not wasting anymore of my time with Glenn Greenwald’s fiction and hatespeak.

  2. I guess Greenwood is entitled to his OPINION, but I am not impressed with his sources, current address and distance from the action, his baggage, lack of direct contact with Bernie or Hillary, and a monetary motive to remain relevant.

    Read if you wish: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glenn_Greenwald

    One misspelling: “great piece” should be “grating piece”

    My conclusion;Greenwood is irrelevant or worse if possible.

  3. As difficult as it might be for Clinton supporters to come to grips with reality, there is no evidence that the ” Bernie Bro ” stuff is true. None. Greenwald lays it out well: he’s a lawyer after all. And he cites some very good sources.


    Supporters of Clinton should tell their candidates campaign, and their allies in the feminist/left media, that if their candidate needs an ugly smear campaign to win maybe she doesn’t deserve to win.

  4. “…he’s a lawyer after all…”

    Really? Greenwaldf? Com’n Steve, that occupation is not generally known as the gold standard for veracity or impartiality.

    1. The Sanders supporters acting up brou ha-ha is largely a fiction. Bernie put out a statement as a matter of protocol and to distance himself from the whole manufactured dustup. And Greenwald is one of the most honest journalists working.

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