When liberals behave badly (and that’s an understatement)

Though I’ve been a critic of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as she vies for the Democratic presidential nomination this year, I’ve tried be critical without delving into personal attacks and name calling.

Unfortunately, too many of my fellow progressive don’t share my belief in spirited yet respectful discussion/disagreement/dialogue regarding Clinton, as evidenced by a recent Facebook post by Wisconsin progressive Mark Balwinski.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Not surprisingly, Balwinski’s Facebook post stirred up some very strong feelings, with many of his Facebook friends asking that he apologize for his incendiary and misogynistic language, but as I write this Balwinski has refused to remove, edit, or apologize for his language.

While I appreciate that passions are running high for supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, there are some lines that simply shouldn’t be crossed, and using the kind of language Mark Balwinski used is one of those lines.


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3 thoughts on “When liberals behave badly (and that’s an understatement)

  1. Not too clever for a small businessman or a Democrat.

    We have be be more inclusive politically, be they Socialists, Independents or Blue Dogs; just look at what the tea party ideologues or extremists have done to the party of Lincoln.

    Congress’ approval rating continues to be in the minus column.

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