Does Kasich Have an Anti-Trump Strategy.

Twice over the past two weeks I have gotten a robo-call from the Kasich campaign. Both of them featured a recording of Governor John Kasich telling me that we couldn’t take back the White House if we didn’t win Ohio. And of course he was just the guy to do it!

So is this an anti-Trump strategy? I mean it’s been pretty obvious since 1960 that I am a Democratic supporter…why would a Republican campaign target me? Their database has to be accurate enough to be able to label me as a Democrat at minimum if not an activist.

So is this a ploy to shake out some rabid anti-Trump Dems to cross party lines and vote for anybody on the GOP side who isn’t named Donald Trump? This would be a solid bet IF the Democratic race wasn’t so close…if either Senator Bernie Sanders or former Senator Hillary Clinton were polled to win Wisconsin in a landslide it might be tempting for some mischievous Dems to give that a shot.

But with the latest polls showing Sen. Sanders just pointes ahead of former Sen. Clinton…it’s not gonna happen!


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