Governor Walker Throws His Hat Back In The Ring

What the heck is he on? After being made a fool of on the national stage, Governor Scott Walker thinks he can become the GOP candidate at a brokered convention?

Scott Walker was the original Republican frontrunner, and there’s a chance he may be again.

Last summer, the Wisconsin Governor lead early Iowa Caucus polls on the strength of his record of fighting public-sector unions and standing up for conservative principles in the typically blue state of Wisconsin. But the understated Walker never caught on with voters in a year that they were craving Trumpian bombast, and when the money started to run out, Walker dropped out of the race.

But now the Wisconsin Governor is hinting that hope is not lost for him, or for the many other Republicans who have dropped out of the race thus far. “I think if it’s an open convention, it’s very likely it would be someone who’s not currently running,” Walker told on Tuesday. “I mean, who knows.

I mean, who knows…but I know the GOP isn’t letting him back in the arena any time soon.


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3 thoughts on “Governor Walker Throws His Hat Back In The Ring

  1. “What the heck is he on?”

    Great question. Some sort of mind altering substance? Or maybe just a prolonged, chronic journey of egotistical self-delusion. Unbelievable – the never ending stream of chutzpah from this shameless, clueless buffoon.

    Seriously, can this joker really believe he’s been the victim of transient circumstance, and not the more fundamental handicap of his own incompetence? That things will go better for him in the next round?

    And maybe the publishers of Fortune believe that trumpeting such nonsense will help set the stage for a better run “this time?”

  2. Let’s see, Paul Ryan’s pretending not to be interested, and Scooter’s pretending to take a wait and see approach. But figuratively speaking, when it gets down to the wire, they’re going to look like two stooges going through a door at the same time in their haste to be noticed.

  3. I know lots of people from
    Wisconsin,none of them genius, but when they are talking politics, they talk like they are.

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