Iran and the US Presidential Race

This is a rather rambling article which actually doesn’t answer the question it hints at in the headline: Iran Has a Surprising Favorite in the U.S. Presidential Race. But the writer did capture a couple of interesting comments.

On Donald Trump:

The Iranian official (Abass Qaidaari, director of the defense and security studies at the office of the Iranian president) describes the Republican frontrunner billionaire Donald Trump as “plagued by simplicity in regard to foreign policy and international security; the situation is so drastic that we believe he possibly does not understand a thing about the foreign policy.”

Qaidaari says that Iran believes that current hard realities and economic motivation could even convince Donald Trump with his unconventional approach into developing positive relations with Iran and the rest of the world. “Even some Iranians claim that he (Trump) could be more negotiable.”

On Hillary Clinton:

As Iranians see it, Hilary Clinton is more realistic and has a better understanding of the Middle East. On the other side, some of her viewpoints and the influence of Arabic-Jewish lobbyists are her losing points. So her approach towards foreign policy and especially Iran is colored by uncertainty.

On President Obama vs. President Bush:

It may be interesting to know that according to Iranian authorities, dealing with Republicans is much easier. The amount and complexity of the pressures forced on Iran in the term of George W. Bush was considerably less than those of Obama’s government,” says Abass Qaidaari

And On Bernie Sanders:

Sander’s views of the nuclear deal, the Syrian civil war, Israel and Palestinian crisis, and Iraq make him a better candidate for Iran. He is the only candidate who has strongly stressed the idea of cooperating with Tehran to deal with regional issues.

Now I am sure this is all a nice piece of propaganda but even then there is always some truth at the bottom of it.


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  1. Looks like, at least for the near future, that among your cultural endeavors any picture-taking travel missions to foreign states like Iran and Vermont can be ruled out.

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