Sheriff Clarke Panders To His Handlers and Disses Hillary Clinton

Once again Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke went on Fox News to disparage the President of the United States in the support of the fascist GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. But this is typical Sheriff Clarke rhetoric…but in taking a swipe at Hillary Clinton…he dissed her without using her real name…he referred to her as Mrs. Bill Clinton. Just a little old school semantics you say? Bulloney…just like the term ‘This President’ is set up to disparage the president…this is intentionally designed as a clever way of dissing Ms. Clinton and defining her via her husband. Right Wing misogyny at it’s finest. Anyway…here’s the article from JS Online:

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr., interviewed about violence and threats of violence at Donald Trump campaign rallies, doesn’t blame Trump’s rhetoric.

Clarke was interviewed Saturday by Fox News talk show host Neil Cavuto. Cavuto asked Clarke whether Trump should urge calm at his rallies:

“Well, I’m not going to tell Donald Trump what he should say. He knows what he’s doing in his campaign. But I would ask the other question, Neil,” Clarke replied.

“I would say, look at some of the rhetoric and language used by Mrs. Bill Clinton and Bernie Sanders at their rallies and at their debates. How they criticize the police, they attack the police, they stoke up racial animosity. The president of the United States is the one that created this division, stoking up racial discord, class warfare, gender warfare, for the last eight years. For people to blame this on Donald Trump, is way out of bounds.”

Republican rivals say the violence is a natural outgrowth of Trump’s rhetoric, such as statements that he would like to punch a protester in the face, but Trump on Sunday rejected responsibility for violence at his rallies.

When the 2018 election cycle is upon us, flipping the Sheriff’s office has to rank right up there with the governor’s office…


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