This Is Too Comical To Be True: Draft Paul Ryan?

If this didn’t come from Reuters, I would have a hard time believing this: Republicans in tailspin, group forms to draft Ryan for U.S. president .

With U.S. Republicans sharply split over a front-runner they cannot unite behind, a new group is trying to push the country’s top elected Republican, Paul Ryan, into the White House race.

The Committee to Draft Speaker Ryan filed papers as a Super PAC with the Federal Election Commission on Thursday, adding to the groups of mainstream Republican leaders and donors with a shared goal: stopping Trump.

Ryan, the House of Representatives speaker who spoke out against Trump for not quickly rejecting white supremacist support, did not appear ready to take on the role.

“He is flattered, but not interested,” Ryan spokeswoman AshLee Strong said in an email on Friday.

I am guessing that Speaker Ryan is savvy enough to stay out of this debacle and continue to look to the future of his career!


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