Alaska: That Great Bastion of Socialism

Isn’t it funny that the home of Teahadist Sarah Palin, the home of the great rugged individualists and America’s Last Great Frontier is the home of a great socialist experiment? What am I talking about? The Alaska Permanent Fund and the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (APFC).

At the very beginning of the oil boom in Alaska, the Alaskan Constitution was changed to allow the diversion of state oil revenues to essentially a trust fund for future generations when the oil ran dry and as an extra source of income for each and every permanent resident of Alaska. This little stipend amounted to $2,072 per person in 2015.

So Alaska has a state sanctioned redistribution of the wealth…from the oil companies to the locals. Taking from the makers and giving to the takers. Who woulda thunk?


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3 thoughts on “Alaska: That Great Bastion of Socialism

  1. I’m pretty sure Sarah Palin got that payment increased for Alaska residents. Probably the one positive thing she did during her half-term as governor.

  2. How about a similar plan for Wisconsin from timber sales of public lands and sand mining?

    These natural resources belong to the people, current and future!

  3. Since 1982 the Palin’s have received $80,596 from the APFC. Each one of their children have also received a check every year since birth. This accounts for approximately another $90,000 to $110,000. If they truly don’t support the redistribution of wealth they should make a charitable donation in the amount they have received from the APFC. I guess they would argue this would just be the further redistribution of wealth. Sarah Palin also railed against drugs but the pictures of her smoking pot tell another story. Hypocrites!

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