Ed Wall Fired From State Job

Well after all of the nonsense that Mr. Wall has fomented the big question is why did it take them so long?

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Gov. Scott Walker’s former corrections secretary was fired Friday for suggesting to the governor’s chief of staff that he could shred public records that the onetime prison head had sent as part of an employment battle with the state.

Attorney General Brad Schimel terminated Ed Wall, the former corrections secretary, from an administrator job at the Department of Justice, the agency that Wall had left to oversee the state’s prison system. Wall resigned from the Corrections Department and returned to the DOJ last month amid a scandal over alleged abuses at a state prison for youth.

“Unfortunately, I lost confidence with Mr. Wall and determined he could no longer serve in any capacity at the DOJ after learning that he directed a high-ranking state official to shred public records,” Schimel said in a statement.

Here is my original take on Mr. Wall’s issues:


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1 thought on “Ed Wall Fired From State Job

  1. I copied this from Uppity Wisconsin. Thought it was relevant. It took so long to fire Mr. Wall because his actions hadn’t yet impacted Walker.

    10 days ago
    “Sadly by the time people wake up to what Walker and his Republican legislative cabal are doing to Wisconsin…..the Wisconsin they once knew and the Wisconsin they want for their children will be gone. Unless Walker’s actions impact you …..you dismiss its importance and merely go on about your business. If the stream being polluted is not on your property you ignore it. If a needy person living in the shadows of society has his food stamps taken away by a Walker policy it is easy to not think of the suffering. When public employees and teachers were attacked by Walker’s Act 10 you justified it based on you not being effected and Walker telling you that teachers had it too good. When 30% of the home owner wells in Kewaunee County are polluted by Walker’s DNR allowing manure to overwhelm the land unless you live there you find it at best an inconvenience. High capacity wells being unregulated in the central sands region of Wisconsin drawing down aquifers and lakes and streams are not your problem if you live elsewhere. This is exactly what Walker’s governing policy of “DIVIDING AND CONQUERING” is designed to do…….carve up the state to serve special interests and the interests of those who donate to the Republican coffers. Before we the people collectively realize what has happened…….the Wisconsin we know and want is gone!”

    I hope anyone considering challenging Walker is taking notes.

    As for Schimel… This speaks for itself.
    He is the paid party henchmen!

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