Trump Hires Walker Campaign Manager

Just 24 hours after suggesting that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was on his short list for vice-president, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump hired Gov Walker’s disgraced campaign manager.

The Trump campaign said Wednesday that Rick Wiley — who has more than two decades of experience in state and national politics and most recently served as campaign manager for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s presidential bid — is joining the operation as national political director.

“Rick is a seasoned political expert with a very successful career in winning elections,” Trump said in a campaign statement. “He brings decades of experience, and his deep ties to political leaders and activists across the country will be a tremendous asset as we enter the final phase of securing the nomination.”

Trump isn’t going to like Mr. Wiley’s spendthrift ways…after all it’s Trump money.


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5 thoughts on “Trump Hires Walker Campaign Manager

  1. Wasn’t there supposedly going to be some sort of scandal that came out involving this guy, right before Walker suspended his presidential campaign? I remember Liz Mair and others insinuating something like that on Twitter.

  2. What a better way for trump or any other candidate to waste campaign cash by hiring a consultant that doesn’t win elections.

    Trump is right about the primary process being rigged. Having a system where party insiders can trump the will of the voters in their state is rigged. You have the public paying for the primaries and then the parties using a big portion of their delegates from the state not needed to care about the public’s vote.

    From what I have heard out of the majority of the Wisconsin Super Delegates post Wisconsin Primary do not look for the Sea Change of Presidential Primary Reform happening here.

    Every other office at least in Wisconsin has a primary attaches the primary winner to the party nominee in the general election, we really should have a process where hard primary results lead to who is the nominee. The conventions are just tailor made for TV anyways, but they are relics from a past era. The world we live in today a process should be developed where primaries tie into who is the nominee.

    1. Primary elections are run by the states at the behest of the party. The state parties make the rules on how delegates are apportioned and elected and assigned. Both the Trump and Sanders campaigns have complained about how it works…but each of them had to know the rules before they started their campaigns. To complain now is totally ridiculous.

      Now are the rules arcane? Are the slanted toward party insiders? Damn straight! After all they are party rules aimed at supporting the party and an attempt to prevent outliers from taking over the party and nomination.

      Now should they be changed? They probably should be after every presidential election cycle…but any changes will be made inside the party…again to their own benefit…so if you want to exact that type of change…you need to become a party insider.

      Now should the national method of selecting the president be changed? That’s an interesting discussion point and would cause a lot of turmoil. But maybe it’s worth looking into at some point.

      1. At the very least, we should look at doing away with the Electoral College. Our government won’t do that, though.

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