Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser Set To Retire

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, Justice Prosser is retiring in July:

State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, a conservative whose opinions helped solidify a series of controversial changes in state law in recent years but was also known for his physical confrontation with a colleague, announced Wednesday he will retire in July.

Prosser’s retirement comes after 18 years on the court and five years before his current 10-year term ends. Gov. Scott Walker will need to appoint a justice to replace Prosser, part of the court’s 5-2 right-leaning majority.

State law requires Walker’s appointee to serve until the next spring election that does not have a Supreme Court justice on the ballot, according to Walker spokesman Jack Jablonski, which is 2020.


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5 thoughts on “Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser Set To Retire

  1. Prosser’s retiring and Walker is running again. While we sheep sit aroung and talk about all the Republican abuse in politics and law. Why is there no strong Democratic governor candidate being introduced and vented to replace the most civilly destructive governor in Wisconsin history? What’s the matter with our WDA? and us???

  2. “If drafted, I will not run; if nominated, I will not accept; if elected, I will not serve.”

    1. Okay, drafted, nominated, and elected are out; then you leave open a fourth option, ” by acclamation?

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