Donald Trump Is An

Those of you who follow Blogging Blue regularly realize that I generally refer to the people I am writing about with respect (not 100% successful but that’s the trend). Even those who I am in vehement opposition to will be referred to by an appropriate title and full name and not a nickname or pejorative skewing of their given name. But I am going to make an exception today.

Donald Trump is a piece of sh*t.

Before the bodies were even removed from the nightclub in Orlando he was patting himself on the back for being right about terrorism in the country. Before even knowing the motivation for the attack he was once again defaming American Muslims and threatening the Muslim world. Before we even knew some of the side stories about the assailant he was screaming Radical Islam…which may not even be the case here.

Donald Trump is a piece of sh*t.

Because the president is keeping an even keel on this whole episode and not using the preferred verbiage that Mr. Trump ‘requires’, he is suggesting that the president resign.

Donald Trump is a piece of sh*t.

Mr. Trump has essentially accused the president of treason…implying the president was in on it or condoned it or wanted it to happen.

Donald Trump is a piece of sh*t.

He told Sirius XM that a top advisor to the Clinton campaign who is a Muslim could be a Saudi spy or closet terrorist.

I am going to forgo posting quotes and links in the appropriate places. If you are reading Blogging Blue, I would hope you read other sources and have already seen these things. But here are a couple of random links: Trump, More Trump, More More More Trump.

Donald Trump is a piece of sh*t. There, that should keep me from getting any press credentials to his campaign!


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  1. Ed, you are in the right area for a comparison, but “piece of ….. ” doesn’t go far enough.

    Donald’s political offerings are more similar to a load of diarrhea if terms for human excrement are used to define him.

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