Morning Sickness….

I was shocked beyond belief this morning while watching an interview with the author of a new book, The Intimidation Game, Kim Strassel, on Morning Joe.  Joe Scarborough and Nicole Wallace just sat back and let this woman lie like a rug about the “Left’s scare tactics” designed to shut down “free speech.”  Nicole specifically asked about the “the single most terrifying” event….the John Doe investigation in Wisconsin.  According to the author, it was the work of a “Liberal prosecutor” who was unhappy with the works of groups who supported Republicans during the recall effort.  She went on to describe it as if they were jackbooted thugs terrorizing freedom fighters.  She sums it up by saying that the message was that if you were going to “play in politics”—this is what would happen to you.  As if the crap flowing out of her mouth wasn’t bad enough, the entire panel just lapped it up.  One of them, I forget his name, even trotted out the old “it happens on both the left and the right” bullshit.

Seriously, don’t they have fact checkers on a national news program?  Or that matter, the Wall Street Journal where the author works as a reporter?  They left out the best part of the story…who John Doe was and why they were investigating….but I don’t really have to tell you, do I?  How is it even possible that this narrative can continue to be perpetrated, despite all the proof that it is a tissue of lies?  The bigger question is why is Scott Walker not in jail?  And why would anyone seriously consider him Presidential material?  It’s enough to make you want to puke.

You have to see it to believe it:


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5 thoughts on “Morning Sickness….

  1. Here’s the one question I want to hear these Kochsuckers like Kim Strassel answer:

    “Why is it OK to launder money and hide the names of donors to the public?”

    That is what the John Doe case is all about. Anyone who implies otherwise is a LIAR. And it’s exactly why SCOTUS has to overrule the Wisconsin Kangaroo Court

  2. If you are talking about the Wall Street Journal at all keep in mind the editorial board there has already lied on behalf of Walker and the money bags he was taking orders from. Specifically on the John Doe investigation.

    The rightwing propaganda machine (local rightwing propaganda radio-like Sykes and Mckenna) seems to be very uncomfortable with the idea someone could investigate both the political puppets and the moneyhandlers that tell them what to do.

  3. Gag, retch, barf, heave, upchuck from the Latin “vomitare” are also acceptable reactions.

  4. John Chisholm makes me want to puke. Letting his city burn and law-abiding citizens to be terrorized by carjackers, while he tilts at windmills to placate his Republican-hating wife.

    Disgusting and sad. Too large of a job for such a small man.

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