4 thoughts on “My Suggested Democratic VP Candidate:

  1. Great idea. Especially when he gets to debate Vice-Presidential candidate Scott Walker.

    1. Up until today, I thought Chris Christie would be the GOP VP candidate until I read the following: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2016/06/29/1543734/-Chris-Christie-is-accused-of-hiding-emails-losing-cell-phones-and-destroying-messages?detail=email&link_id=3&can_id=f1110d9af7571a8fb1de48c606ffa9b9&source=email-nate-silvers-538-launches-first-general-election-forecast-2016&email_referrer=nate-silvers-538-launches-first-general-election-forecast-2016&email_subject=nate-silvers-538-launches-first-general-election-forecast-2016

      Scott Walker will be but a foot note in the history of rejected GOP VP candidates.

      To return to the subject, I like Senator Warren as VP, but Hillary will choose a male and it could very well be Joe Biden.

  2. Biden? Sure but why not Billy boy. He could be VP for a year and then she could appoint him to the Supreme Court. Clean sweep.

    Change our name to the United States of Clinton and it’s a done deal.

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