The Woman Who Totally Understands Donald Trump…Whoops!

Just last week the New York Times published an article about Hope Hicks, Donald Trumps press secretary. What an American success story!

An inspirational poster hangs above the Trump Tower desk of Hope Hicks, the 27-year-old press secretary for Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign, squeezed in among the framed Time magazine covers of Mr. Trump and exuberant thank-you notes written in his inimitable scrawl (“Hopie — You’re the greatest!”).

Ms. Hicks, a onetime champion lacrosse player who signed a Ford modeling contract as a teenager, had never worked in politics before last year, and her widest exposure had been as a co-star in a Nickelodeon children’s television special about golf.

Now she plays confidante and sometime gatekeeper to the presumptive Republican nominee for president and, improbably, serves as Mr. Trump’s sole liaison to the teeming national press corps.

Hillary Clinton employs a half-dozen battle-hardened media handlers who field hundreds of daily requests. Mr. Trump has Ms. Hicks, who was working for his daughter Ivanka’s luxury lines and for the Trump real estate brand when the candidate called her to his office in early 2015 and declared that she was joining his campaign.

But in the wake of the pivot to where ever occurring in the Trump campaign, this happened:

Donald Trump has hired a top communications consultant who worked on Sen. Ted Cruz’ unsuccessful presidential campaign. A Republican with knowledge of the hiring says Jason Miller will serve as Trump’s senior communications adviser.

The Republican who confirmed Miller’s hiring was not authorized to speak publicly ahead of the announcement and did so on condition of anonymity.

Miller is a seasoned political communications operative. Prior to working for Cruz, Miller worked on the presidential campaign of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and on South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford’s bid for Congress.

Trump’s communications has been handled by Hope Hicks, a loyal but inexperienced spokeswoman. The hire comes as Trump tries to build out his campaign for a general election and a week after firing campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Looks like Mr. Trump is finally coming to the realization that he needs a real campaign and not a real life version of The Apprentice…you’re fired!


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