When Will Paul Ryan Finally Get Tired of Walking Back Trump’s Insanity?

If my memory serves me, Rep. Paul Ryan endorsed Donald Trump on June 2, 2016.

Since then he’s had to chastise Mr. Trump for his comments about a federal judge being biased against him because he is of Mexican heritage, despite being a native born American.

And this week he’s had to chastise the presumptive GOP candidate for his open attack on Islam and Muslims in the wake of the shooting in Orlando this past weekend.

So two hysterical outbursts (and the following double down) by Mr. Trump and two denials from Rep. Ryan in just under two weeks. So how long can Rep. Ryan maintain the hypocrisy of his endorsement as Mr. Trump continues to embarrass himself, the GOP and the United States of America?

Come on Rep. Ryan, pull your endorsement and save what little face you have left!


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