Campaign 2016: Jerusalem As An International City

As part of the draft for their 2016 platform, the Republicans re-instated language supporting an undivided Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel and dropped mention of a free Palestine.

The draft language shared with CNN also would slightly alter the party’s position on Israel, reinstating a reference to an “undivided” Jerusalem and removing a reference to Palestine in support of a two-state solution.

There is no way that there will ever be permanent or lasting peace in the middle east without a free and independent Palestine.

But I also don’t think that there will be peace as long as an independent Palestine and independent Israel both hold Jerusalem as their capitol. It is very unlikely that either nation would be willing to share it.

So instead, I propose that Jerusalem be declared an international city, ruled by it’s inhabitants any way they see fit and protected under the full warrant of the United Nations…as a free and independent city state.


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