Democrat Julie Meyer wins support of pro-Scott Walker firefighters union, seems to court Republican votes

Julie Meyer, the MPS schoolteacher challenging incumbent State Rep. Christine Sinicki in the Democratic primary in the 20th Assembly district, seems to me to have begun courting the support of conservatives. If I had to guess, I’d say Meyer is seeking the support of conservatives because she knows she’s not going to be able to beat Rep. Sinicki in the Democratic primary without the help of conservatives. That being said, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Meyer is touting the fact that she was endorsed by the Milwaukee Professional Fire Fighters’ Association, one of two unions (the other being the Milwaukee Police Association) that proudly stood behind Republican Gov. Scott Walker after he “dropped the bomb” on public employees with Act 10. In accepting the endorsement of the pro-Walker union, Meyer said she was “incredibly honored” to have their support.

The endorsement of Meyer’s campaign by a pro-Scott Walker union is just one example of Meyer gladly accepting the support of conservatives who support the Republicans who’ve done so much damage to Wisconsin over the past six years, and if the placement of Meyer’s yard signs in the communities that comprise the 20th Assembly district are any indicator, it’s not the only example. For instance, here’s a Julie Meyer yard sign alongside a Ron Johnson sign.

Julie Meyer & Ron Johnson

I’ve also seen one of Meyer’s yard signs proudly displayed on the lawn of Bruce Schuknecht, the Cudahy City Accountant/Finance Director and also a die-hard conservative. For those regular readers of Blogging Blue, Bruce Schuknecht also happened to support tea party Republican Molly McGartland in her numerous attempts to unseat Rep. Sinicki, so he’s no Democrat by any means.

While Meyer’s courting of conservatives is disappointing to see, it’s not surprising, given she wasn’t likely to prevail by winning over Democratic voters against a popular incumbent.

Anything to win an election I guess…


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2 thoughts on “Democrat Julie Meyer wins support of pro-Scott Walker firefighters union, seems to court Republican votes

    1. Julie, you can bring up the Operating Engineers all you want, but a quick look at the most recent campaign finance filing for the Operating Engineers PAC shows that they’ve made over $40,000 in campaign contributions exclusively to Democrats, and from what I’m told the president of Local 139 said they learned their lesson and will never support another Republican again.

      Having addressed that, you and I both know that Scott Mayer isn’t the only Republican who gave you a financial contribution, but I suppose you went to grade school with Bruce Schucknecht too, right?

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