Governor Walker Appoints WHO to the WI Supreme Court?

Now the odds on my disliking a Supreme Court justice appointment by Governor Scott Walker is probably 100%. But could he have chosen a more unqualified candidate? Could it be any more blatantly partisan? He selects an almost unknown lawyer with no judicial experience with plenty of partisan activism, who wanted to keep is application a secret…WTF?

Gov. Scott Walker on Friday named a little-known Waukesha lawyer with no judicial experience to the state Supreme Court, putting Daniel Kelly on the bench and keeping in place the high court’s 5-2 conservative majority.

Kelly — who in his application called affirmative action and slavery the same morally — will replace retiring Justice David Prosser on Aug. 1, the start of the court’s new term.

Kelly, 52, initially applied for the appointment in secret, but his name became public in June, when Walker’s team narrowed the field of candidates from 11 to five.

Kelly took just one question from reporters after Walker announced the appointment in the state Capitol, but he declined to discuss his writings opposing affirmative action and gay marriage.

“The primary and only job of a Wisconsin Supreme Court justice is to apply the law as it is written and the oath that I will take will guarantee to you that my personal political beliefs and political philosophy will have no impact on that whatsoever,” Kelly said. “Those things simply have no place inside the courtroom.”

Kelly was an adviser to state Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley’s campaign this year and served as an attorney on Prosser’s campaign during a recount after he narrowly won re-election in 2011.

This has turned into an utter and complete joke…by anybody standards! Governor Walker now has negative credibility!


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5 thoughts on “Governor Walker Appoints WHO to the WI Supreme Court?

  1. More proof that Republicans don’the understand irony, because Mr. “Affirmative Action is like slavery” is the embodiment of an unqualified person for the job, and was only moved up the chain because of connectionsome and outrageous, partisan opinions.

    These people in WisGOP World do not care one whit for fairness of a greater good. Never forget it.

  2. That makes it “three for three”for the state GOP.

    The executive branch, the legislature, and the judiciary; a corruption of democracy and betrayal of the people and total subservience to money interests.

    “Oh, the Humanity!”

    1. It is ” time to say goodby” to the betrayers of Wisconsin’s Constitution, a proud progressive tradition, and especially our educational system.

      Sing out against Walker Voss, and Fitzgerald:;_ylt=A0LEVu_m4JtXgywAqPAnnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw–?p=Sarah+Brightman+Time+Tosay+Goodby&fr=yhs-mozilla-001&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-001#id=1&vid=97def282fdcfe4e04b6dcf9c8af1b489&action=view

  3. I thought Walker already had negative credibility, this is just one of the many cherries on top.

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