Latest Walker Support of Trump Is Still Incredibly Tepid:

In interviews following his speech at the Republican National Convention, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s support of Donald Trump remained anything but enthusiastic:

In interviews Thursday, Walker was pressed again about his own differences with Trump. He said his support “doesn’t mean I endorse everything about him.”

Walker repeated his “hope” that Trump direct his attacks entirely at Clinton and not trade fire with or attack other Republicans such as Cruz and Kasich.

Said Walker: “I will support him and campaign (with him), I guess, if he comes to Wisconsin. I don’t know if he will or not.” (emphasis mine)

You would campaign with him…I GUESS? If I were a nominee of a major party and a governor of said party was as wishy washy as Gov. Walker about campaigning with me…when he has no campaign of his own to run…I would ask to have him drummed out of the party…particularly after giving him prime time exposure at the convention? Sheesh.


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1 thought on “Latest Walker Support of Trump Is Still Incredibly Tepid:

  1. Walker is no different than the vast majority of his party. Note now many of the speakers at the convention left town for Thursday night. Recall the old days of conventions past when all the elected ones wanted to be on the stage with the nominee for the balloon drop. Thursday night it was the Trump family and the Pence family. A real statement about the state of the GOP. Walker is playing it smart and doing enough to be in good standing with the party faithful but far enough removed to not get the stain of Trump on himself. It is a dicey way to exist but this cycle is the most bizarre of our lifetimes. I get the partisan zeal to take on Walker–and it feels good. But being objective on this makes more sense.

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