An Open Letter to British Petroleum

I am sorry for your loss…your gasoline station at Sherman Blvd and Burleigh in Milwaukee is apparently a total loss.

But here’s what you should do next:

I don’t know if the station operator was a lessee or franchisee…but whoever gets the insurance money…take it and throw down a few BP dollars and find them a new station…somewhere else.

Begin immediate plans to raze the rubble and build a bright new state of the art gasoline station. Sherman Park deserves it.

Perform a search for a new operator from the immediate neighborhood. And then provide him/her with an apprenticeship or internship or whatever you want to call it…at one of your most successful stations…and pay them.

When the new station is ready for occupancy put them in place. Provide them with management assistance for however long both of you deem appropriate.

Sell it to them on a land contract at under market rates.

Invest in this neighborhood. You can afford it. You can earn respect. You can earn a reputation as an investor in the economy and neighborhoods.

You can earn your investment back.

You can help return stability and normalcy to a shattered neighborhood.

You can help at least one minority owner begin to build some personal wealth.

You can help that owner provide neighborhood jobs…I don’t know how many that would be in a modern gas station…but it would be solid, visible, worthwhile jobs.

Are you up to the task?


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5 thoughts on “An Open Letter to British Petroleum

  1. “Two thumbs up!”

    It might also help BP if they involve the faith leaders of the community.

    1. Isn’t it about time that we acknowledge the elephant in the room– The Afro-American community is too infested with money grubbing preachers who victimize their followers.

      Hand holding in a prayer circle does nothing– “Nothing Fails Like Prayer”.

      Yes, there are well-meaning religious people and faith-based organizations doing good, but they are out-numbered by the multitude of parasitic preachers. We can do without the Jessie Jackson “wanabees”.

      Let’s also ackowlege the racism that exists among the small minority of thugs– The BP gas station was operated by Sikhs. Racism, maybe? The action by these thugs damaged the whole community.

      Where is the outrage when daily Black-on-Black violence occurs? Nightly shootings and killings go on and on with good citizens fearful of being a “snitch”. Let us pray!

      Our “leaders”, both Black and White, are too timid to address the festering needs of the poor, the unemployed, the homeless— instead they join forces with the faith-based “leaders” who then are further empowered to spread their influence– and do too little while soaking up the little wealth of the community.

      Let us prey!

  2. “…the multitude of parasitic preachers.””

    Edward, your source, study, or proof please?

    You cannot indict a whole community or a profession with one or two examples just as not all Catholic priests are child abusers using an unreasoning and unproven extrapolation.

    Your argument is false and baseless.based upon your ignorance and/or prejudice.

    1. With more than 70 “churches” in the 53206 ZIP code, all of which claim to have some connection to “God”, find just ONE that can get God to reverse the horrific damage done to man and property.

      Cannot God undue the fatal shooting? Unburn the devasted buildings? Heal the sick, feed the hungry? If She cannot, She is a fraud perpetuated by parasitic preachers.

      Do you still believe in Santa Claus, too?

      1. Edward, in addition to your lame attempt to change the subject to the existence of a God, you forgot to provide proof on “the multitude of parasitic preachers” especially of their alleged greed.

        Using one of my favorite’s sayings of Gandhi,I say to you, “Peace.”

        And a Happy Easter and a Merry Christmas to you too.

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