Has Robin Vos had a change of heart on “divide and conquer?” I doubt it.

In advance of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s visit to Green Bay today, Republican Speaker of the Assembly Robin Vos took to the Right Wisconsin to blast Trump for not endorsing Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who’s facing a primary challenge for his seat in Congress.

Here’s just one snippet from Vos’ piece.

Politics is about addition and multiplication; not subtraction and division. As a party we need to do all that we can to unify

Of course, Robin Vos’ sudden desire for addition and multiplication versus subtraction and division is rich, given how supportive Vos has been of the “divide and conquer” strategy Gov. Scott Walker has used time and time again to screw Wisconsin’s public employees and middle class.

The fact that Robin Vos – who has used and directly benefited from a “divide and conquer” strategy – is now upset at the division and discord Donald Trump has sowed is both ridiculous and ironic, and I’m glad to see the Republican Party reaping what it has sown in the form of the hot mess that is Donald Trump’s candidacy for president.


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19 thoughts on “Has Robin Vos had a change of heart on “divide and conquer?” I doubt it.

  1. ” facing a tough primary challenge”, really Zach? The latest poll shows Speaker Ryan up by 66 points. Your posts are much more credible when they don’t contain statements that are demonstrably false.

          1. Nemo,


            I’m sorry you’re such a deep supporter of President Obama and Sec. Clinton regarding the T-PP.

            Gannett, the inside the beltway media corporation that controls Wisconsin’s print media wants T-PP to pass. That’s why they never let the their D.C. bureau, Craig Gilbert, write about it.

            Wisconsin’s, “Freedom Caucus,” understands why you hide behind a handle. I don’t agree with them on much, but they’re right about FAIR trade, not FREE trade. Both Pelosi and Ryan want to pass TPP. Its the base of both parties that is opposed. We need progressive democrats and the Freedom Caucus to hold during the lame duck session. Sec. Clinton used to support TPP. It’s only because of Sen. Sanders, that she flipped. Her VP candidate, Tim Kaine is a big supporter of TPP and Wall Street CEO’s. Both are socially liberal Republicans.

            Was the timing of Denis’ and your return to BB co-ordinated with leaks that Trump would endorse Ryan in Green Bay?

            1. Correcting some errors above,

              “It’s the base of both parties that is opposed. We need progressive Democrats and the Freedom Caucus to hold during the lame duck session. Sec. Clinton only reversed her support for TPP, because of Sen. Sanders. Her VP candidate, Tim Kaine, ….”

            2. It would have been better to limit your response to your first two words than try to attempt to TP(P) up this thread. The next time a global trade post opens, I’ll explain why I feel that you and the other Trumpkins are wrong. Until then, lets not wander to far afoot from the original post.

              1. “Really” Nemo,

                Since you didn’t respond, I’ll take that as confirmation. Elites coordinated “Denis’ and your return …with leaks that Trump would endorse Ryan in Green Bay.”

                Why would I apologize to a paid hack hiding behind a handle?

                Is someone new behind Nemo’s handle?

                I don’t recall old Nemo ever displaying anything approaching the quality of your writing. Shame on me for not catching it in your first two comments.

                Nemo2.0 wrote, “It would have been better to…” and the cleverness of “…try to attempt to TP(P) up this thread.”

                Thanks. “TP’s” a terrific metaphor for unfair trade that only benefits the elites. If Zach lets you get away with it, I’ll use it.

                Old Nemo knew I wasn’t a “Trumpkin.” Why don’t you? Have you heard of Sen. Bernie Sanders?

                Nemo2.0 wrote, “The next time a global trade post opens, I’ll explain why I feel that you and the other Trumpkins are wrong. Until then, lets(sic) not wander to(sic) far afoot from the original post.”

                I don’t ever recall old Nemo writing anything like the “next time” a “global trade post opens.”

                Is that well educated wingnut for, “I got nothin’?”

                Nemo2.0 wrote, “… Lets not wander to far afoot …”

                I don’t recall the old Nemo using words like, “afoot.” Old Nemo would have missed the apostrophe and not used, “too.”

                Are you a P.R. flack trying to hide your mastery of the language, so it isn’t so obvious you took over Nemo’s handle?

                Old Nemo frequently used the off-topic excuse.

                “Union and Conservative Coalition Fighting TPP is Tipping-Point Event”


                Was the plan that Nemo and Denis would build some credibility with the BB community?

                Are you hiding behind Denis’ handle too?

                1. john, please don’t take any delay in responding as confirmation. Many times a lack of reply can be attributed to life. It’s Summer after all and there’s mowing, swimming, skiing, golfing and tanning to be done. That, plus the whole staying on topic thing. I’ll make every effort to engage you in a comment thread should a post involving TPP arrive.

                  Until then, the topic of this post is a division of the Republican party and its parallels to a “divide and conquer” tactic used to defeat political rivals. On the surface, I can see the similarly between the divides, but an important distinction can be made between a schism being caused by external forces or by internal pressures. The intent of division by external forces is to weaken. The ultimate purpose of internal debates is to strengthen.

                  Lastly, while I can’t speak for Denis, I can assure you that I am the “Old Nemo”. A check of the required Email tab can confirm that. Now I gotta go, the lake isn’t going to ski-up itself.

                  1. Nemo2.0,

                    Sure you can, “speak for Denis.”

                    1. Don’t you remember? You and he commented at length at BB about how you two knew each other.

                    2. How do I, “check your email,” tab?
                    2.1 Even if I could, what would that prove?

                    3. What lake are you at?
                    3.1 What kind of boat(s) do you have?

                    4. How long does it take you to mow your yard?
                    4.1 What kind of mower do you use?

                    5. For someone who claims to want to stay, “on-topic,” why is it so easy for you to stray into volunteering information about yourself and lecturing* us?
                    5.1 How will forcing Congressional Republicans to vote for NAFTA on steroids, the TPP, help them get re-elected?

                    “Many times a lack of reply can be attributed to,” you not having one.

                    Thanks for confirming you get paid by the word.

                    *Several less polite descriptions came to mind.

                    1. john, many of your questions can be answered by clicking on my name (Nemo) at the top of any of my comments, including old ones.

                      I wouldn’t categorize my sentences to stay on topic as a lecture, they’re more of a polite reminder.

                      I really want to wait until a TPP thread opens up to discuss this with you (polite reminder!), but an important distinction can be made between what is right and what will “help them get re-elected”.

                      Have a good one,


                    2. Nemo 2.0

                      6. Where did Zach’s post, “open” up to mowing your lawn and summer leisure activities?

                      6.1 Haven’t you proven in this thread that you will “wander far afoot” from the post’s topic, when it suits you?

                    3. john,

                      Explaining why you are wrong about getting back to you would be appropriate on any thread and does not constitute a conscience effort to pull the comments into another direction.


                      -Nemo knows when to say when.

      1. I’d like to think that you corrected the post to fix an error, bringing the main point more into focus, but thanks. As for the main point of your post, the divide seems more of a product of nominating a squirrel haired goofus than a thoughtful, engineered tactic by their foes.

    1. Nemo,

      What’s, “demonstrably false,” is the GOP governing.

      “UPDATED First anthrax outbreak since 1941: 9 hospitalised, with two feared to have disease”


      John F. Kennedy wrote, “While England Slept,” about appeasement with Aryan supremacy. Someone will write a book, “While the GOP Slept,” about Republican appeasement with fossil fuel oligarchs and socializing the costs of pillaging the environment onto the taxpayers. Democrats haven’t been as bad.

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying watching Vos and his college roommate, Reince Priebus, sputter and spit upon hearing that Trump would endorse Paul Ryan’s Tea Party challenger. As Vos and Priebus plotted their futures sitting in a college dorm room, who knew that the two of them would be made mincemeat of by a failed business B.S.er., and, would claim fame for single-handedly destroying the Republican Party.

  3. Mortimer,

    I am too, but we need the, “Freedom Caucus,” House Republicans who oppose NAFTA on steroids, aka the T-PP.

    “FAIR trade, not FREE trade.”

    Trump is nuts. He attracts Reagan Democrats, Republicans who are fed up with the elites who only manufacture wealth inequality. Trump is correct about the need to invest in infrastructure.

  4. What is the difference between Robin Voss and Robin Hood?

    Select an answer:

    1. One is a real thief, not fictional

    2. One only steals from the 99%

    3. One serves a tyrant.

    4. All of the above

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