Julie Meyer continues to try to play the victim after primary loss

Nearly two weeks after her loss to incumbent Democratic State Rep. Christine Sinicki, Julie Meyer has continued to accuse Sinicki of attacking Meyer and her family, asserting “Rep. Sinicki has continued to punish her primary opponent’s family and supporters. Beyond the restraining order, Rep. Sinicki has also attempted to use her political connections to have a supporter of her opponent’s campaign fired from their job.”

Julie Meyer’s accusation seems to stem from Rep. Sinicki’s decision to pursue a temporary restraining order against Meyer’s husband Michael Meyer following Meyer’s erratic and harassing behavior during and after a campaign fundraiser held by Rep. Sinicki.

In response to Julie Meyer’s accusations Christine Sinicki’s campaign issued a press release debunking the accusations made by Meyer and providing some much-needed context to the situation involving Sinicki and Julie Meyer’s husband.

“Despite the fact that the fall primary results have been in more than a week, apparently Ms. Meyer and her campaign manager, disgruntled organizer Dennis Hughes, seem to have missed the fact that the race is over. They act as if the campaign is still going on.

“In fact, their continued complaints and protests are so loud, it looks like they are trying to obscure their own bad behavior during the primary campaign they lost. That behavior includes harassment by Ms. Meyer’s spouse, Michael Meyer, of Rep. Sinicki, her family members, and supporters, including local elected officials, at a Sinicki Campaign fundraiser.

“After the incidents at the fundraiser, the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) informed Rep. Sinicki that Ms. Meyer’s spouse, Michael Meyer, is someone whose menacing behavior should be taken seriously, based on his known history. Acting upon advice by the MPD, she was granted a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) to prevent Michael Meyer from further harassing her family, her supporters or herself during the rest of her campaign.

“After the election, Ms. Meyer asked Rep. Sinicki to agree not to seek to make the TRO permanent against Michael Meyer. Rep. Sinicki asked to talk to her in person, which happened earlier this week. During that conversation, the Representative agreed to her request, with the caveat that if her husband from this point on exhibits any more such behavior, then Rep. Sinicki will seek permanent reinstatement of the restraining order (RO). (This would mean Mr. Meyer would be subject to the conditions of two simultaneous restraining orders, including the instructions in the first one to relinquish and not possess firearms).

“Yesterday morning (Thursday, August 18, 2016) Rep. Sinicki sent Ms. Meyer a text confirming again that she will not pursue a permanent restraining order, and that on advice from the restraining order office she would not attend the hearing scheduled for today, Friday, August 19, 2016, for that purpose.

“As promised, Rep. Sinicki did not attend the hearing this morning, which signaled to the court that she is not pursuing an RO at this time.

“Going forward, Rep. Sinicki hopes that Ms. Meyer will see the wisdom in refusing to respond to any more provocations to cry wolf from Mr. Hughes, who has had his own serious, ongoing problems with harassing and disruptive behavior. He clearly incites much of Ms. Meyer’s “sour grapes” behavior, even to the point of writing her media releases for her. It is time for Ms. Meyer to recognize Mr. Hughes’ input for the bad advice it is, and distance herself from it.

“It is also time for both Ms. Meyer and Mr. Hughes to lay down this pattern of continued outbursts of resentment and bad temper. We need to direct our personal and communal resources to make sure that, in the November 8 general election, we elect leaders who will focus on the good of everyone in our communities. That is how Rep. Sinicki intends to direct her energies between now and Nov. 8th, and it is her hope Ms. Meyer and Mr. Hughes will join her.”

As capper rightly notes over at Cognitive Dissidence, it’s a good thing the voters of the 20th Assembly district saw through the negativity and lies of Julie Meyer’s campaign and instead chose to send Rep. Sinicki back to Madison to represent them.


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  1. “…it’s a good thing the voters of the 20th Assembly district saw through the negativity and lies of Julie Meyer’s campaign and instead chose to send Rep. Sinicki back to Madison to represent them.”

    Only place I heard about it was here. Very disappointed that the Shepherd Express endorsed Ms. Myers. Got both those scoops from you. Thank you.

    Very disappointed in any politician, who claims to care about education, who doesn’t want to end the job-killing-government-regulations against marijuana.

    The prohibition of alcohol didn’t work either

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