Nine Good Reasons to Elect Mandela Barnes to the 4th Senate District Seat on the Ninth. (And not one of them is just because he isn’t Lena Taylor).

The primary for this seat will determine the winner of the general election as there is no Republican opposition.  The 4th Senate District includes the Northside of Milwaukee, parts of Glendale and Wauwatosa, and Shorewood.  The boundaries are Lake Drive and Edgewood on the Southeast corner, the corner of 105th and Hampton on the Southwest, County Line (between 124th and 70th Streets) on the Northwest, and then back to Shorewood’s northern most corner via the borders of Brown Deer and River Hills and Glendale (though a slice of Glendale is in the District).  Go to the map to see the work of our old friend, Gerry Mander.  The population is very diverse in terms of race and socio-economic issues.  In the last general election for this seat, in Fall 2012 (Presidential election always has the highest turnout), approximately 74,500 votes were cast.  Each of the Senate Districts has an average population of 172,000 residents, so it is clear that many folks aren’t voting.  Because this is a primary election, the turnout will be very low…maybe not even 30-35% for the entire district.  That means that it is critical to find the time to vote…..and to vote for Mandela Barnes.

Here’s why Mandela Barnes should be elected to the State Senate:

9.  He is truly a Progressive. He’s pro-public school, pro-working class, and an advocate for health and safety.  Before being elected to the State Assembly, Mandela Barnes was a community organizer with MICAH.

8.  Last year, the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County recognized Representative Barnes as the “Elected Official of the Year”.

7.  He listens. You can call his office or email him and get a response, not an argument.

6.  Endorsements of Mandela Barnes include many labor and education groups as well as community leaders throughout the 4th Senate District. &

5.  Barnes has the strong endorsement of the Shepard Express and the WI Gazette

4.  It is time for new leadership. In his first election for the State Assembly, Barnes defeated an incumbent, Jason Fields, who was no longer representing the people of his district.   He proved to those who elected him that they made the right decision.  He will prove it again.

3.  Mandela Barnes is running for Milwaukee and Milwaukee County, not against the incumbent.

2.  Mandela Barnes has a proven record of working to solve the problem of gun violence. &

1.  His voting record.  It speaks for itself.


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1 thought on “Nine Good Reasons to Elect Mandela Barnes to the 4th Senate District Seat on the Ninth. (And not one of them is just because he isn’t Lena Taylor).

  1. You are for public schools which means you are for The American Dream. That Dream has always meant a better life for our children through a good education. Too many politicians are saying the American Dream is for the chosen few. Our Founding Fathers believed in public schools. They believed that taxpayer dollars should be used to fund public schools equally. They never said anything about taxpayer dollars being used for Vouchers so children could go to private schools. They never said taxpayer dollars should be used to support Charter Schools who don’t have to be accountable to anyone. If they do not like the child no matter what race, creed, tribe or learning style, they don’t have to admit them. Ok,have Charter Schools, but do not expect my taxpayer dollars to pay for them. Scott Walker and his people are discriminating against our countries most vunerable population…children. It is discriminating against those who believe in public schools, the families, the children who need them. Sometimes a public school is the only hope a child is given,

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