Sign up to be a Donald Trump volunteer & you can’t EVER say a bad word about Trump FOREVER

Looks like the folks who are signing up to be volunteers for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump have to agree to a lot of really bizarre conditions, among which is a clause that they agree to NEVER criticize Donald Trump, his family, or any of his companies FOREVER.

Sign up to volunteer for Donald Trump’s campaign, and you might be giving up more than you bargained for.

Earlier this week, reporters began poring over the 2,271-word nondisclosure agreement that Trump’s campaign requires its volunteers sign. The forms are extraordinarily broad, virtually prohibiting any volunteers from criticizing Trump or his family for the rest of their lifetimes, according to Rachel Sklar, a lawyer and CNN contributor.

On Twitter, Sklar noted that the forms also bar volunteers from criticizing Trump’s brands, disclosing anything personal about Trump (including his taxes), or from even employing people who work for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. (That last one’s illegal, Sklar says.)

And via Twitter here’s just one of the many bizarre clauses of the non-disclosure agreement Trump volunteers have to agree to if they want to help elect Donald Trump.


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