Report: three women accuse Donald Trump of touching them inappropriately

Another day, another account of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump engaging in sexually inappropriate behavior.

Donald Trump is facing a blizzard of fresh allegations of boorish physical behavior, days after denying during Sunday’s presidential debate that he had ever groped women.

At least three women came forward in stories published Wednesday to say — on the record — that the Republican nominee had touched them inappropriately.

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In an explosive new report by The New York Times, two woman said that Trump made unwanted sexual advances during incidents decades apart. His campaign is denying the story as “fiction.”

A third woman, 36-year-old Mandy McGillivray, accused Trump, in an interview with the Palm Beach Post, of grabbing her posterior 13 years ago. The Trump campaign has not commented on that allegation.

Also Wednesday, CBS News unearthed footage from a 1992 “Entertainment Tonight” Christmas special that shows Trump talking to a young girl on an escalator at Trump Tower, then turning to the camera to say, “I am going to be dating her in 10 years. Can you believe it?”

Earlier, BuzzFeed reported that four women who participated in Trump’s Teen USA beauty pageants said he would frequently barge into their dressing areas as they were changing.

C’mon conservative supporters of Donald Trump – defend this behavior. Defend your nominee!


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