Trump Is Biting The Hand That Feeds Him

I don’t remember if it was during the second or third debate that Donald Trump gloated that he was spending a lot less on his campaign than Hillary Clinton. But he was correct…and it’s because he has been able to manipulate the media and keep on the top lead of every media outlet by continuing to upstage himself with the next outlandish statement or stunt.

And the media just keeps eating it up and giving him the ink and airtime. I don’t remember what the last estimate was for the amount of free press he’s gotten but it’s in the billions of dollars.

But of course as the campaign winds down toward November 8th, he needs to rouse his core supporters by renewing the assault on his ‘liberal mainstream media’. So we hear him call the press following his campaign as the ‘worst people’ and continue to deride them in his rallies. And it’s gotten to the point that attendees are ignoring Mr. Trump and are heckling the press corps instead.

So Mr. Trump continues to attack the very constitution he pretends to revere. This doesn’t bode well whether he wins or loses.


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