Too Bad That What Happens In Reno Doesn’t Stay In Reno.

A scuffle apparently broke out yesterday at a Trump rally in Reno when a self-proclaimed Republican protester tried to wave a “Republicans Against Trump” sign at the rally. Trump supporters reportedly attacked him and tackled him in an attempt to take the sign away from him. Somewhere in the melee a member of the crowd yelled “GUN” and the Secret Service rushed Trump from the stage. But there was no gun, there was no threat, there was just the usual storm around the groundlings at a Trump rally.

But it gets more interesting…the Trump campaign on several counts is calling this an assassination attempt and despite the fact that no weapon was found and no body has been taken into custody…they aren’t backing off of the story. I can’t understand why they can continue to get away with such nonsense.

Shouldn’t the individual who yelled “GUN” be held accountable? Isn’t this akin to the oft quoted yelling “FIRE” in a theater?

But let’s get back to the gun thing for an instant. Isn’t the candidate in full and total support of the 2nd Amendment? So shouldn’t a gun not be an unusual occurrence at a Trump rally? Shouldn’t we be assuming that many of his core supporters are packing? Why would a gun be a big surprise? Oh wait, only good guys with guns count.

And a number of videos are running around of the protester. Here’s an interview with Good Morning America.


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