Welcome to Donald Trump’s AmeriKKKa!

Welcome to Donald Trump’s America, where white supremacy groups are emboldened thanks to his hateful rhetoric.

One of the largest Ku Klux Klan groups in the country has announced a parade to celebrate President-elect Donald Trump’s win.
The Loyal White Knights of Pelham, N.C., says on its website that its parade will take place on Dec. 3.
“TRUMP = TRUMP’S RACE UNITED MY PEOPLE,” says the website’s front page.

No time or location for the event is listed, and a phone call to the number on its website was not returned.
The group has between 150 and 200 members and is “perhaps the most active Klan group in the United States today,” according to the Anti-Defamation League. Last year, it was part of a South Carolina protest against the Confederate flag’s removal from the state Capitol.

I suspect we’ll see more of these types of activities from hate groups who are now emboldened by Donald Trump’s hateful and divisive rhetoric, and no doubt hate speech and attacks from those who feel Donald Trump has given a powerful voice to what they’ve been feeling.


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3 thoughts on “Welcome to Donald Trump’s AmeriKKKa!

  1. I hope these KKK people come out fooftheir closet , I hope the Americans who are left who believe truth justice and respect will come out in large numbers. I hope that there is such a conflict that Trump will need to respond, The question will be will he continue to push his bigotted agenda or will he have to tick off all these racists and come out on the side of tolerance. Was Trump just playing to the crowd and now that he has his job he will revert back to the “compassionate conservative” face that Bush played while putting policies that ruined our country. Trump’s only real agenda is to get rid of the INheritance tax so he can give all of his money to his children. He will now also be giving out nobid contracts to his businesses. The rest he no longer really cares about and will do whatever his Bush boy fellow adulteres-Guilliani,and bullies-Christie tell him to do. I wonder what he will do when 20 million people lose their healthcare? Will he still send the 90% reimbursement of medicaid to the red states.Those states that took it continue to need the money to balance their budgets. When Putin rolls him over in Syria and Crimea and perhaps the baltic states, what will Trump do? Will he be able to sucker people into signing up for the military to die in another useless oil war in Iran? Reality bites and BS walks

  2. So start examining why the Dems put these KKK types into a position of thinking they have some real power now (the problem Dems have exasperated) by giving these extremist uber-minority of white jerks immediate recognition instead of examining with any purpose as to why and how Dems made this happen. True to party, no matter what. No freaking mirrors for self examination seem to be in the plans. Pay particular attention to the first link within the post of how the “party,” took out Bernie when it became apparent the sheepdog was readily going to surpass the queen in popularity.


    Instead of insisting upon looking for a diversion (engendering further complete denial of the reality) from the facts behind the reason for the “D-loss,” if you even want to give HRC and the DNC that much credit for that “campaign,” at least focus on the chumps in charge of the state senate and start at home with the resistance movement to assuage your collective guilt.

    Believe me, I get no pleasure in saying, “I told you so.”

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