How the GOP Really Should Be Reacting to the Russian Hack

There seems to be a lot of shoulder shrugging and nonchalance across the GOPsphere about the Russian hacking of the DNC, RNC and Senator Lindsey Graham. It should be garnering a little more attention and some hearings on the hill. And it probably will but whether it will be as energetic as the hearings about emails and Benghazi remains to be seen.

But what should be happening are hearings on how and what needs to be done to prevent something like this from ever happening again not matter who the actor. I bet that gets nary a mention. Prove me wrong Speaker Ryan and Senator McConnell.


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4 thoughts on “How the GOP Really Should Be Reacting to the Russian Hack

  1. What did we miss? Isn’t Obama in charge of National Security and the Dems in charge of their security, so why are you yammering at Trump?

    1. I don’t think I see Trump anywhere in my post…unless you mean tags at the bottom…which are just to attract attention. I see that I got yours! Next, please complain about my yammering at Putin!

  2. The DNC should be responding by admitting to the LEAK from a party whistle-blower than trying to scapegoat Russian “hackers.” So maybe we are looking at a disgruntled Bernie-firster, perfectly understandable as DNC is desparate to blame anyone to retain their .01% donors and US Congressional water carriers (Ron Kind for one).

    Are we again witnessing the true curiosity of people commenting here?

    PS, Bobby Dohnal, is that you or one of your right and white friends using your old handle?. Play the meme about being safe in our own country, while you and yours appears safe and warm and still full of critical yammering about Obomba protecting you successfully for 8 years.

    Consider the T-Rexonn/Mobilator under Trump if he passes Congressional approval and gets together with his mother Russia while “governing,” over you and yours:

    1. Is it likely that on January 20, Putin will name Trump as “Commissar of the Americas”

      Just kidding of course, but, hey, anything could happen with these
      dictatorial guys calling the shots.

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