It’s All About Trump’s Ego

Everyone keeps putting forth reasons why President-elect Donald Trump disbelieves the CIA report that Russia is behind hacking the DNC emails and servers. Mr. Trump continually denies placing the onus on Moscow. Some attribute to his lack of experience. Or his lack of understanding how hacking works. Or not understanding how computer security tracks this stuff. Or his coziness with Mr. Putin or the various ties his appointees have with the Russian government. Shrug, maybe so.

But it may be simpler than that…it just might be his big fat ego not wanting to give anyone else credit for influencing the race or affecting its outcome other than ~ Donald Trump!

[and yes his inability to accept the conclusions of our intelligence agencies is particularly troubling]


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3 thoughts on “It’s All About Trump’s Ego

  1. Where is your source? Who, what , why, where, when? Where is the report?
    FBI disagrees with this idea, so do all the rest of the Intelligence sources. There has not been anything new info in the last month. This has been brought forth by the left, in attempt to stop Trump. Finally what exactly did they do? impossible for them to go over the deluge of 1.2 billion in Hillary’s ads and campaign. This is pure BS by the nutty Left.

    1. Source? Source? I don’t need no stinkin’ source. It’s the post fact era doncha know…one that you have been living in for years…but this particular blog happens to be an opinion piece…not a news story so I don’t need a source.

  2. It could be that. But he also doesn’t want to diminish the myth that is Trump. Don’t forget shortly after the election when he referred to himself as the “people’s” choice (when he is getting the White House because of the electoral college).

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