Labor Shortage Solved By Capt Obvious at JSOnline

In a business column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (JSOnline) interviewing ‘futurist’ and Milwaukee businessman Bob Chernow…MJS writer Steve Jagler quotes Mr. Chernow’s solution to an anticipated labor shortage in the Milwaukee market area:

Chernow says one possible solution would be to provide transportation for workers living in the inner city to jobs in the suburbs.

You think? Helping get labor to available jobs would help?

But isn’t that exactly what the suburbs have been trying to prevent since for EVER? Keeping ‘those people’ in the city?


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1 thought on “Labor Shortage Solved By Capt Obvious at JSOnline

  1. Staffworks already does this. And good for them, I guess, finding a way to get people to jobs in a metro area (using the term loosely) that doesn’t believe in regional transit.

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