Endorsement: Tony Evers for State Superintendent of Schools

Now more than ever, following the confirmation of Betsy Devos as secretary of education, it is important to have a friend of Wisconsin’s public schools at the head of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. So without any further ado, I endorse incumbent Tony Evers for the State Superintendent of Schools. The primary is this Tuesday, February 21st, and there is next to nothing else on the ballot per se. As November 8th 2016 proved, we can’t take anything for granted, and this one alone is really important…so please get out and vote for Tony!!

I am working on something else around this race…but check out this story about his opponents: 3 Challenge Tony Evers.


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4 thoughts on “Endorsement: Tony Evers for State Superintendent of Schools

  1. Evers is the candidate of the establishment, teachers, who cannot fix MPS, a “National Disgrace”. I can see why you like him

    1. Ok, I get very tired of this loud mouth junk. When you don’t have a viable or constructive argument, you have to resort to taking people, like teachers, down. The very people who are trying to make a difference — let’s just rip on them, a “national disgrace”. Aren’t we all in this together as Americans? Shouldn’t we try to lift each other up instead of kicking out the legs from under one another? WCD: You are UN-AMERICAN!

  2. Governor Drop Out and the uninformed:

    Be advised that the Superintendent of Schools is elected by the people of Wisconsin under our state constitution and reports to the people.

    Our Governor may not hold two elected offices but may manage such entities as the WEDC at the taxpayer’s financial peril.

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