3 thoughts on “Je Suis Sweden!

  1. A lot of ignorants saying “Je suis Sweden” to bash Trump, yet again. This is French for “I am Sweden.” Just one YUGE problem. In Europe and in SWEDEN, it is “Sverige” or “La Suède.” Only an ignorant American would put “Sweden” instead of “Sverige” or “La Suède” when using a foreign language or discussing Sweden outside the English language. Additionally, in the French language, there should be an article of “le” or “la.” They can’t even get their slogan right. To be correct, it would be “Je suis la Suède” in French, or “Jag är Sverige” in Swedish. But, then, ignorant radical, militants wouldn’t know what it meant. They have just insulted Sweden AND France, not shown solidarity.

    1. Other than the fact that humor is lost on you, we speak English here and Sweden it is! And you also apparently don’t understand the concept of a meme.

      And btw: The Trump regime doesn’t need my help insulting foreign countries.

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