Three Thoughts On Trump and Sweden

By now all of us have had a chance to digest the eddy of controversy surrounding President Trump and is misspoken attribution to terrorist violence in Sweden. He now claims he was referring to a documentary feature on Fox News and not an actual event from the previous evening. From ABC News:

President Trump was speaking “in general,” not about a specific incident when he referred to “what’s happening last night in Sweden” at a campaign-style event, a White House spokeswoman said today.

The specific reference was to a report he had seen the night before, but he was talking about “rising crime and recent incidents, in general,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.

The president tweeted that his remark was “in reference to a story that was broadcast on Fox News.”

So he was relating a story that he saw on Fox News. So my three thoughts?

1) it is extremely disturbing that a man who has to perform the most demanding job in the free world…who is expected to be articulate and precise in his speech in order to be clearly understood by the entire world…couldn’t even clearly declare what he saw or what he meant? That is truly scary.

2) since his original misstatement, just like many other incidents with low impact on the presidency or government or politics, the president again just can’t let it go. He keeps doubling down in defense of his statement and makes his spokes people defend his position. If he hasn’t learned yet to let minor things go…how is he ever going to succeed in actually running the government or negotiating with friends and foes to make America great again. In the shade he casts, making anything great again seems like a stretch.

3) and here’s a truly scary thing. After continually deriding the media as fake news and demanding the press only report on things supportive of the Trump regime…without confirmation…without vetting…without consulting with the myriad of policy and intelligence experts at his disposal…he runs out a piece of unknown reliability from the media. WTF?

So we can now add Sweden to the list of friends and allies that President Trump has managed to piss off in his first four weeks.

Who would believe this? Sweden.


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