AHCA Goes On Hiatus But This Wasn’t a Win For the Democrats

When it was obvious that they didn’t have the votes in the House to pass the American Health Care Act, House Speaker Paul Ryan and President Donald Trump agreed to pull it from consideration. They claimed it was close but the Washington Post was touting 36 confirmed no votes and 15 leaning towards no in a situation where the GOP could only afford 21 defectors since there was no Democratic support whatsoever.

But don’t think this is over, no matter what the White House says. A new bill or a revised version of AHCA will most likely rear its ugly head before the 2018 elections. They may have lost their way right now but they will start making noise ahead of the election…just so they can say “you need to re-elect us so we can finish the job!” Just watch.

This was a victory for Americans…but it was a loss for Democrats. They didn’t really get their voices out there…they didn’t provide alternatives…they didn’t offer any fixes for the Affordable Care Act…they just sat back and let the GOP self-destruct (ok that was a small win). But they didn’t make any impression on America. There is still time to make that noise…there is still time to sell the ACA…there is still time to present bills to improve on it. And yes I am realistic enough to know they can’t actually pass any such bill but they aren’t even making an effort.

for reference, my thoughts from earlier this week (it’s still not too late to do this): Countering With The Fixes for Obamacare?

And this whole episode re-enforces my feeling about the Democratic leadership in the House: Nancy Pelosi Has Got To Go.


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2 thoughts on “AHCA Goes On Hiatus But This Wasn’t a Win For the Democrats

  1. Ed, thanks.

    AFAIK, “Freedom Caucus” made Trump and Ryan flinch. If Trump and Ryan want to keep government open–get a budget out of the House–they’ll need Democratic votes.

  2. “Nancy Pelosi Has Got To Go.”

    Ed,Perhaps You should call call on her followers,a majority, to stop choosing her to lead them.

    And Perhaps You should call on states like Wisconsin to send her more Democratic members of Congress.

    And Perhaps You should write her a letter giving her the secret on how to win a vote with a minority.

    And Perhaps You think Nancy is at an age that limits or reduces her capabilities.

    And so, Perhaps You are wrong that “Nancy Pelosi Has Got To Go.”

    Submitted with all respect for your right to an opinion.

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