Countering With The Fixes for Obamacare?

For the past two weeks everyone has dissected and bisected the American Health Care Act and everyone other than Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and President Donald Trump have found it abominable. And of course the Democrats in the Capitol are heartily opposed to AHCA in every way, shape, and form as they should be. But other than that opposition what have we heard from them? Pretty much of nothing…

I have espoused this point of view before but no one has taken it to heart yet…but it’s long past time that the Democrats actually sell the Affordable Care Act to the American people. Something they have never gotten on board to do since day one. Why do they think so many people have bought the lies and hyperbole coming out of the GOP? Because they have never actually countered with facts and figures. It’s not too late…yet.

So instead of pointing out the shortcomings of AHCA, tout the benefits in ACA! And Americans do realize and value some of the headliners…the GOP is keeping the two most popular: no refusing insurance for pre-existing conditions and keeping adult children on policies through the age of 26 for a reason. But what about all of those other points…many that I have raised over the past two weeks in my sporadic Whither Obamacare posts.

Shouldn’t the Democrats and the ACA supporters be outlining the benefits that will be going away with Speaker Ryan’s bill? Free wellness checkups? Free vaccinations? Free colonoscopies? Free mammograms? No life time caps? No drug donut hole in Medicare? The rules around insurance companies paying out 80% of revenues for health care? Women’s health care enhancements? etc, etc, etc!

That’s step one…sell Obamacare!

And then someone in Washington needs to introduce a bill to fix the items that are broken in Obamacare. It shouldn’t be that hard. We’ve had seven years to see what the pitfalls are and our ‘friends’ across the aisle have been pointing out its sins for years. Yes, I know that’s dead on arrival but it puts the GOP on the defensive and it puts better ideas out there. Right now we are on the defensive and Speaker Ryan and cohort are controlling the conversation. Get a Affordable Care Act Repair bill out there. Have Senator Sanders and Senator Warren waving copies around on TV and in the press. Take the right message to America NOW!

Share this with your elected officials…share this with your friends…share this across the boards. We can’t sit back on our heels and wait.


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