Happy Women’s HerStory Month


I am very excited to join the Blogging Blue community and look forward to using this as an opportunity to communicate with all of you.  When Ed invited me, my first question was “Can I write about women’s issues?” I’m glad he said “Yes”.

My passion for women’s equality has been in my blood since birth. In championing women through Blogging Blue, my hope is to make sure all women’s voices are represented.  This includes ALL women, no matter how you identify (or are identified).

It should come as no surprise that my first column is on the first day of Women’s HerStory month.  I encourage you to use this month to learn more about the women who make our country and planet run.  I encourage you to look beyond the women we see in prominence now. There are important women in history who we may never learn about because of the time and culture their accomplishments were made. There are women who had their accomplishments attributed to men. One of these women is Elizabeth Magie, the original creator of the Monopoly game.

I hope women and men take the time this month to learn about women in history.  In order for us to move forward, we need to know where we have been.


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2 thoughts on “Happy Women’s HerStory Month

  1. Welcome, Wendy. We need you! I agree with your positions on women totally.

    On a slow news or issues day here, on a open thread, I will relate how contrary to popular belief, women are the stronger in total aspects of the two sexes, at least that is my opinion based on my experiences and on a “what if” hypothesis of an eighty-five year old fart, me! I owe it all to my deceased wife.

    I do not mock; many of my fellow men who are mature and have seen the world agree, some reluctantly, with me.

    P.S. I only have a glass of wine at dinner.

  2. I am excited that you accepted my invitation and I am looking forward to your future posts!

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