It Wasn’t April 1 And We Don’t Have Time For This

Apparently a few pranksters in Wisconsin think former Green Bay Packer Mark Tauscher would make a good governor.

A group of Wisconsinites is trying to recruit former Green Bay Packer Mark Tauscher to run for governor.

But a new Facebook page, “Mark Tauscher for WI Governor,” is clearly trying to convince him to take on Gov. Scott Walker as a Democrat.

The page identifies itself as a “grass-roots to encourage Mark to run for Governor of Wisconsin.”

Radio host Keith Gaustad said he created the Facebook page just a few days ago, but has been thinking about trying to recruit Tauscher to run since 2014, when he was a poll worker and noticed many college students knew little about then-Democratic candidate Mary Burke.

“The problem is we don’t have anybody who’s a known quantity,” Gaustad said.

People know the Packers, he added.

Jehoshaphat – don’t we have enough problems finding a Democratic candidate without this nonsense? Aren’t we already pissed off about the amateur in the White House?

Mr. Tauscher has more sense than the rest of the rabble:

Former Green Bay Packer Mark Tauscher says he’s not considering a 2018 run for Wisconsin governor.

“It really is humbling that somebody put that out there, and that we got the reaction that we did,” Tauscher said Friday on his ESPN radio show with Jason Wilde.

Let’s get serious…it’s going to take a lot of work and some serious money to defeat Governor Walker in 2018.


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