Just like they didn’t know health care was complicated, the Trump family apparently didn’t realize hiring agricultural workers was so difficult.

As President Donald Trump touts job creation for Americans as a top priority, his son’s Virginia winery is seeking permission to hire foreign workers to cultivate its grapes.

Trump Vineyard Estates, better known as Trump Winery, asked to bring in 29 workers this season through the federal H-2A visa program, The Daily Progress reported. The program enables agricultural employers who anticipate a shortage of domestic workers to bring foreign workers to the U.S. to do agricultural jobs or perform other temporary or seasonal services.

Trump Vineyard Estates, owned by Eric Trump, initially applied for six foreign workers in December. Two months later, the company applied for 23 more. Both job orders for Trump Vineyard Estates say the primary tasks include planting and cultivating vines, adding grow tubes and pruning grape vines.

“It’s difficult to find people,” said Libby Whitley, an attorney who has worked with employers, including Trump Winery, on labor issues.

Just like finding enough dairy farm workers in Wisconsin, finding enough people willing and able to work in agriculture is difficult. The work is hard, the pay insufficient and there are no benefits. Go figure…why would anyone want to do it?

But given the president’s take on creating jobs for Americans…this is just a little bit weird…well maybe not by Trump standards…but I sure hope they extreme vet them.

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