What I’d Like to See From My Democratic Electeds in Washington Part 1

I’ve been posting these little items under the title Wither Obamacare for about a week or so…some of them mentioning the things that I think are being dropped via the ‘replacement’ healthcare plan: American Health Care Act. But really, instead of just voicing their opposition to the AHCA, I’d really like someone on the Democratic side outline the benefits that will be lost in the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Not just letting the GOP mention the two important and publically supported items that they are keeping.

President Obama missed setting the ACA up correctly by NOT educating the public on the advantages they were being given in support of maintaining their health.

Let’s not let this opportunity slip away to educate Americans on every detail that is about to be taken away. The GOP is right…the voters won’t remember who gave them this stuff but they will remember who takes it away…and in the meantime, we need to remind them what they will soon be missing…in detail!


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