Why the GOP Doesn’t Have a Robust Health Insurance Plan

You’d think after seven years of kvetching, the GOP would have a robust plan to provide all Americans with health insurance. Well they didn’t need to. All they wanted to do was run against Obamacare…and promise to repeal it…and pass the bills to do so since they knew President Obama would veto whatever bill they proposed.

And then last fall the common knowledge was that Hillary Clinton would win the presidency and they would have four more years of running against Obamacare and a president who was guaranteed to veto anything they put forward.

And then Donald Trump won. And now they had to put something together…but the American Health Care Act is the best that they can come up with? Seriously?

Now their butt is in the sling…and they can’t even agree amongst themselves…and most all of them know the bill they’ve put forward is worthless…but they are willing to put it out there anyway.

President Trump is right…they are going to have to face the voters in 2018…but I don’t think not repealing Obamacare will be as big an issue as actually repealing it and replacing it something of so little value to Americans!


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