Wisconsin To Scrub Voter Rolls

If you are reading this, I can’t imagine that you haven’t voted in the past four years. But if you are a Wisconsin voter and in fact haven’t voted for that period of time…you might want to watch your mailbox.

Wisconsin election officials are setting the stage to remove hundreds of thousands of people from the voting rolls because they have died, moved or not voted in the past four years.

The voters will be notified and will have a chance to keep themselves registered to vote.

Wisconsin Elections Commission approved the plan Tuesday to send postcards to up to nearly 800,000 voters by June to tell them they will be removed from the voter rolls if they don’t update their information.

Given the current environment they might be more aggressive than in the past.

Of course you could just vote in the spring general election on April 4th and solve that problem…


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3 thoughts on “Wisconsin To Scrub Voter Rolls

  1. Polls are full of crap and some get voted, fraud that Trump has talked about.

    1. I am quietly waiting for President Trump’s evidence on the voter fraud. I will publish it IF it ever sees the light of day. And maybe buy some stock on charter bus companies in Massachusetts!

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