I Was Kinda Joking About the FLOTUS Portrait Hub Bub but Now I Am Pissed

When I posted Oh Geez…Now We Are Complaining About The First Lady’s Official Portrait…Again? a few hours ago, I was serious about us not paying attention to fluff side issues like Ms. Trump’s portrait. Something that has no bearing on politics or policy or the well being of America and Americans.

And I was being a little bit snarky and joking with my last throwaway tidbit at the end:

Hey…if you want the one thing to gripe about…you may want to ask why they used a Belgian photographer instead of an American. Just sayin’.

But then I started to read some of today’s news in the media and came upon this:

The Trump administration is warning U.S. companies that it will investigate those that discriminate against qualified American workers in favour of foreigners.

So now my new attitude is: what the fuck? Another swamp monster do as I say not as I do politician…


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1 thought on “I Was Kinda Joking About the FLOTUS Portrait Hub Bub but Now I Am Pissed

  1. This guy Trump is such a disaster</B he makes Scott Walker seem like the Touth Fairy. I think the A.L.E.C. organization has a lot to do with it. The organization is part of the global right wing cartel with so many agendas goals and stratagies put forth by some very smart paid marketers, they’re hard to keep up with…especially for all the narcissistic clowns involved.

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