Milwaukee: Host a DFA Resistance LinkUp

From the emailbox:

Last month, DFA members across the country gathered in coffee shops, living rooms, and libraries to share news and plan strategies to resist Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s agenda of hate.

But even though the Trump administration has yet to successfully pass a single policy through Congress, our communities are still under attack on multiple fronts.

Just a few weeks ago, Trump decided (over a now-infamous slice of chocolate cake) to bomb Syria in response to a chemical attack that seems increasingly dubious. Since then, he has expanded his aggressive war-mongering, dropping a massive bomb on Afghanistan and threatening North Korea.

Meanwhile, proposed budget cuts threaten the programs that American children, senior citizens, veterans, and communities depend on for survival.

Every day, our resistance becomes more urgent. We need DFA members like you to step up and host a LinkUp for activists in your community to get together and organize to resist Trump and the GOP right in your neighborhood.

Can you host a DFA Resistance LinkUp in Milwaukee on Thursday, May 4?

At these meetings, you’ll connect with friends and neighbors, take actions to call and write your representatives, make plans to attend rallies, marches and protests together, get skills trainings to make your activism more effective, and invite more friends to join the resistance.

We need to keep putting our heads together, in all 50 states, to figure out how we can protect our communities and fight back against the GOP at this crucial moment. That’s why we’re so excited for the next DFA Resistance LinkUp. Can you step up to host one in Milwaukee?

Yes! I’ll host a DFA Resistance LinkUp.

Thanks for helping us build our community as we fight back against Donald Trump!

– Jessica

Jessica Carter, Organizing Manager
Democracy for America


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