The Wall Vs. The Budget Continuation Bill

After threats to veto the budget continuation bill if start up funding for his big beautiful wall weren’t included, President Trump backed off that demand in the face of opposition that he couldn’t overcome. That’s the news but neither here nor there for this post.

The Wall should never have entered this conversation. The budget continuation needs to be passed…it shouldn’t even have gotten to here…it should have been taken care of first thing after the start of the new year…it’s old business that precedes President Trump. And the Wall shouldn’t be part of it.

Now I am totally opposed to building a wall along the border. It is xenophobic. It is a waste of money and resources that any America First American can find a better use for. It will destroy the ecosystem along the border. It will divide Native American tribal lands. It will deprive Americans from the use of their private property in a great number of locations. So we shouldn’t even be considering it…not at all.

BUT if we are actually going to have the conversation about building the wall…it shouldn’t be hidden in the context of this budget bill. It should be discussed in the light of day. It should be its own piece of legislation. It should receive formal hearings. It should be voted on as a separate bill and every elected representative and senator should be required to show us where they stand.


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