Did You Get a 8.5% Raise Last Year?

No? Neither did I…and I didn’t make $11.5 million in salary, stock and bonuses like the average CEO. That CEO made 347 times more than the average employee in their firm. Do you think any CEO is worth that? Is your CEO worth 347 times your worth to the company?

So let’s keep that 8.5% and 347 times the average salary and an average $11.6 income for CEOs in mind as the American Health Care Act works its way through Congress and they strip out the taxes on the wealthy that provide health insurance for the least of us.

And keep that in mind when they get down to work on their Tax Cut (I mean Tax Reform) bill later this year or next. Do those people really need a tax break? At the expense of the rest of us as the federal deficit balloons even further.

The great populist, President Donald Trump, and the great tax maven, House Speaker Paul Ryan aren’t going to do anything that will decrease the gulf between you or me and our CEOs. The inequity in income will continue to grow and grow on their watch.

Is that what we really want?


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