Short Take On Trump Revealing Intel to the Russians

probably more later when I understand it better…but my suggestion is that the Senate subpoena the tapes from the White House meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak pronto. And if they claim to not have any, ask Attorney Sessions to get the Russian copy~!


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6 thoughts on “Short Take On Trump Revealing Intel to the Russians

    1. “And she did it to circumvent the Freedom of Information Act.”

      I bet if asked Sen. Johnson isn’t a big fan of the FOIA despite his concerns in this article.

  1. Everyone at meeting says this si at lie and Prudent affirms that he can share anything he wants to help solve problems.

    1. You’re the liar. Do you think anyone is taking your drivel seriously? Your ignorance is not equivalent to stated facts.

    2. Bob, I appreciate the fact that you visit Blogging Blue as often as you do and you are always welcome to leave comments. But simply mouthing the most simplistic of the current ‘party lines’ doesn’t do anything to advance the conversation. And the goal is to increase and improve the dialogue here. I know that you have a point of view and ideas of your own…and I’d really like to hear what YOU have to say! So please…participate…you might be surprised at the improved response you’ll receive.

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