So Did America First End In Riyadh

yeah, I know that President Donald signed an agreement to sell $110 billion in weapons and war materials to the Saudis during his visit to Riyadh. And that will provide American jobs and profits…yada…yada…yada. But then the America First thingy sorta petered out:

A forum bringing together American and Saudi corporate executives on Saturday also produced a series of multibillion-dollar deals. Among them: Lockheed Martin signed a $6 billion letter of intent to assemble 150 Black Hawk helicopters in Saudi Arabia…[emphasis mine]



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2 thoughts on “So Did America First End In Riyadh

  1. Well, Boing can’t just fly them to Saudi Arabia after assembling them in the US. We don’t want the US Navy to us an aircraft carrier to deliver them. Do you think the Saudis should send an aircraft carrier to Seattle to pick them up? Maybe having US citizens assembling the US-made parts abroad is a better answer?

    1. No Boing (sic) can’t fly them to Saudia Arabia since they are manufactured by Lockheed Martin. But versions of Black Hawk helicopters are fly by about two dozen nations worldwide and I don’t imagine an assembly plant was built in every country that ordered them. It’s the 21st century…they are ways to move large machines.

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