So Where Are the Democratic National Committee Candidates?

Wisconsin has an open seat on the Democratic National Committee. The next member will be elected at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin state convention this weekend. My understanding is there are 5 candidates. Count them 5! And I had to ask to find that out. And I’ll admit to not knowing that the DPW had an open seat. And the only way I found that out was when one of the candidates reached out to me. Since then one other candidate has.

So where are the rest of the candidates? Why haven’t they contacted me? And no, my ego is big…really big…but it’s not so big that I think all of the candidates must reach out to Blogging Blue…BUT I am actually a delegate to the convention. I get to vote on the next member of the DNC. Not reaching out to the delegates tells me you don’t really want the job. That you don’t really know what it’s all about. That you won’t be responsible to the local party members.

Hopefully I’ll have time to write a bit about the two candidates I did hear from before the convention.


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